Chapter SEVEN /
hotel volatile evrop’a                     

June to December 2022


ROOMS TO LET continue the work of Chapter SIX about the idea and construct of “Europe,” about fragile and unstable places in Europe. For Chapter SEVEN they cooperated with Scope BLN and found an imaginary hotel: “»hotel volatile evrop’a«.” In six different temporary ROOMS, spread throughout the year 2022, a volatile artistic research is being initiated.

Each room carries a narrative title, quoting the interviews of Chapter SIX.

These questions explore and map views of inner and outer Europe. Various themes arise – physical and emotional states of mind, landscapes, places of the heart. Body, skin, psyche. The collective unconscious, Mapping, space. Personal, poetical, political. Sovereignty of interpretation, attributions, narrations and narratives. Response-ability and resonance. In cooperation with guests and neighbors of Scope BLN, through talks and interviews, ROOMS TO LET approach individual relations to Europe from different points of view. Spaces for artistic dialogues are created, and new storylines are added to the current narrations about Europe. 


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