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I live in Europe.
because I am here with my body.
Wall in the Polytechnio, National Technical University of Athens, where the Athens Polytechnic uprising occurred in November 1973. The graffiti says: "Good morning all!" and "Wilhelm go away we carry cutter knives!". Photo by Andrea v. Lüdinghausen, personal archive, Athens, 2017.
Because, you know, you can imagine anything, but without a real situation…
Video by Mareike Poehling, Hanover, 2022
I think I have a lot of blind spots
Photo by Mareike Poehling, Italy, 2022

Also diese blinden Flecken gibt es. 

Aber es ist mehr, weil es sich bewegt. 

Dass die… dass das …leere Räume sind

we tell ourselves stories
Photo by Mareike Poehling, Aral Sea, 2008
Photo by Mareike Poehling, Tbilisi, 2015

It sounds like a diagnosis – that being European, you are European forever

Postcard, The Swinging Woman, clay model from Hagia Triada, Museum of Heraklion

But also, from time to time afraid, because just now I realize that Europe is – could be – quite unpredictable...

Statue of 'Europa' riding a Bull, photo by Emil Kirov, personal archive,
Sofia, Bulgaria, 2019 

…well, Europe is a word, right. And all words have their meanings, but their meanings change all the time…

Postcard, Samuel Beckett, Paris, 1985, photograph by John Minihan

Nein. Es gibt keinen Anfang und kein Ende...

Three stacks of glass panes in Nikosia.
Standing on the greek side, they show the sky and palmtrees on the turkish side.
Photo by Andrea v. Lüdinghausen, personal archive, Cyprus, 1999.

ROOM 6 – even within the borders nearly extra-territorial




In ROOM 6, hotel volatile evrop’a is expanding into the Internet. Artist Emil Kirov developed a light and movable frame to collect different statements, impressions, views and thoughts about Europe, weaving themselves together from the edges. This is an ongoing project, a space to think further. A rooming space of text, pictures and films, a contribution to other narratives about Europe.

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