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Chapter Two, room view, photograph by Raimund Zaikowski, 2018
Chapter Two, Detail, photograph by Raimund Zakowski, 2018 
Chapter Two, Detail, photograph by Andrea v. Lüdinghausen, 2018

August 2018

in collaboration with the Kunstverein Hannover

Chapter Two takes place on the occasion of the 88th autumn exhibition at the Arena Suites Hotel in downtown Hanover. ROOMS TO LET move into a room in their own city. The hotel room becomes a studio, storehouse for materials, and exhibition space.


ROOMS TO LET install new works as well as items brought along from Chapter One / Travel Mongolian Guesthouse: everyday objects, sculptures, videos. The interventions of the artists encounter the simultaneously personal and impersonal hotel atmosphere of gray granite floor, artificial leather, and turquoise-glazed pressboard furniture.


Large-format photographs of hairballs hang above a sofa covered in beige artificial leather; two Pferdetrensen: horse bridles have been placed on double pillows beneath pictures of cherry blossoms from IKEA. In the hotel television set, Mongolian goats bleat, suckle, sneeze – all the while observed by two silent hotel-room fans.


The collaboration with Godo Bayartsetseg Dashdondov, which already began in Ulaanbaatar, is continued; a sound-piece by the artist may be heard from the desk cabinet of the hotel room. In addition to noises from the street and goat-bleating from the hotel television set, a poem by the artist may be heard in the Mongolian language. A further level of sound is added temporarily: the musician Raphael Vanoli makes reference to the furniture music of Erik Satie and, during a concert, weaves his experimental, corporeal electronic-sound into the space.

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