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Chapter ONE / Travel Mongolian Guesthouse        
Travel Mongolian Guesthouse, Entrance, photograph by Andrea v. Lüdinghausen, 2018
Chapter One, Installation View, photograph by Andrea v. Lüdinghausen 2018
Chapter One, Detail, photograph by Mareike Poehling, 2018
Chapter One, Detail, photograph by Mareike Poehling, 2018
Chapter One, Detail, photograph by Andrea v. Lüdinghausen, 2018

July 2018

In the summer of 2018, ROOMS TO LET travels to Mongolia and realizes Chapter One in dialogue with artists from Ulaan. For eight days, Poehling and Lüdinghausen live and work in a room of the Travel Mongolian Guesthouse and gradually transform the preexisting space — into an installation that is interwoven with the site. They open themselves up to the room, develop a sense for the stories it contains; they are in close contact to the people in and around the hotel; they investigate the surrounding city.


Found pieces are gathered from the urban space, from the countryside, from the marketplace – cotton balls, dried sheep’s stomach, furs, photocopies, brooms, dung, photos, films, packaging materials. In the hotel room, these items encounter travel utensils, archival material, drawings and working tools from Germany. Dialogues unfold between the space and the objects; gradually the room becomes a sculptural system of reference. Moreover, a close artistic collaboration develops with Godo Bayartsetseg Dashdonov, who integrates her own works into the hotel room.


Numerous visitors come to the opening in the corridors of the hotel and in the room; the musician Atai Borgujin adds an acoustic level with traditional Mongolian music and electronic elements. The hotel provides the location for a site-specific installation and serves simultaneously as the space for an intensive communication between all the participants.

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