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Chapter FIVE / Ceiling / Hotel Schwarzer Bär    
Chapter Five, Exhibition View, photograph by Samuel Henne
Chapter Five, Detail, photograph by Samuel Henne
Chapter Five, Detail, photograph by Samuel Henne
Chapter Five, Detail, photograph by Samuel Henne

November 2019

In collaboration with KUBUS and the Galerie adad, Hanover

Chapter Five/Ceiling brings a thematic focus to art and the impossibility of translation; it was created in the format KUBUS Freispiel..


In close cooperation with the Mongolian artist Godo Bayartsetseg Dashdondov, ROOMS TO LET center their conceptual considerations around a text: “Ceiling” by Samuel Beckett.


While Bayartsetseg is working on an exhibition in the Galerie adad, ROOMS TO LET occupy Room 14 of the nearby Hotel Schwarzer Bär. The artists decide to infiltrate the atmosphere of the space in minimal doses and to adapt to the aesthetic of the furnishings more closely than in previous projects. For example, they work more quietly and abstractly with the acoustics: to be heard now and again is the delicate stroke of a hand across a pillow. Furthermore, the visitor is left alone with her or his own noises. The hotel television set displays an intimate reference to Andy Warhol’s video work Sleep. A graphical instruction from Samuel Beckett’s Quad I & II has been laminated and hangs alongside the escape plans at the door. At other places as well in the hotel, ROOMS TO LET replace instructions and information with quotations from Samuel Beckett and Sorry Gilberto. A work by Godo Bayartsetseg Dashdondov, a poem by the artist printed on a sheet of paper sized DIN-A-O, lies in the wardrobe like a freshly-laundered sheet.


Visitors are allowed into the narrow room only one at a time. They are given a key to the room so that they can unlock the door, enter, and respond to the space on their own.

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