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The artist collective ROOMS TO LET explore transitory spaces like hotel rooms and use them as studio and exhibition space – adapting their production method to the production location. ROOMS TO LET work like a book, the places of residence are its chapters. Every chapter grows out of the last chapter.

ROOMS TO LET 2017: Godo Dashdondov Bayartsetseg, Andrea v. Lüdinghausen, Mareike Poehling and friend, Mongolia
ROOMS TO LET 2018: Kengo, manager of Hotel 88 House Hiroshima, Andrea v. Lüdinghausen, Mareike Poehling and Mai Kiyooka, Hiroshima, Japan
IMG_0041 Kopie.jpg
ROOMS TO LET 2022: Mareike Poehling , Emil Kirov, Sybill Schulz and Andrea v. Lüdinghausen, Wallyard Concept Hotel, Berlin, photograph by Leon Splitt
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